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Guide On What To Put In Bridal Shower Gift Bags

 Bridal showers are small fun events that take place before your wedding day. It is a time where brides can hang out and gather with friends and family before the wedding. Bridal shower gifts are a great way to give your bridesmaids a heartfelt thank you for their support on your big wedding day.

Here is a small guide on ideas for what to put in your bridal gift bags:


Baked Goods 

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There are so many amazing treats and baked goods that you can make or buy for your guests. You have numerous options and are open to all different types of flavours that your guests will be happy to devour. Baked goods are a popular choice to put in your gift bag no matter the budget and the theme. Macarons are small and delicate and can fit into any gift bag. They can come in all different types of colours and sweet flavours, and you can even decorate them by adding rose petals.


Something to Remember

You will want to take many photos to remember this event of the times you spent together with all your friends and family. Having photos on your phone or cameras are a great of keeping memories, but you can give your guests a physical photo that they can take home. These can be taken with a Polaroid camera. You can even give a small frame in your gift bag for the polaroids so your guests can treasure and save these memories.


Personalised Goods

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Anything personalised is a great gift if you’re having trouble finding something. Making an item have the name of your guests will be personal and will make it different for a normal good that they own. There are many personalised goods you can find, from personalised wine tumblers, bottle openers, jars, cups, mugs to keychains.


Unique Gift Ideas

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Succulents are unique gifts for your guests. They are colourful and fun plants that are easy to take care of. Succulents can be placed inside the house or outside, and guests can always remember the memories they shared when taking care of the plant.


Scented Gifts

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A candle is a practical and easy popular gift to give guests. Fragrant scented candles with lovely aromas are always a crowd-pleasing gift that guests can use at home. Scented soaps are also a fantastic option, from lavender soaps to lime soaps, they also look beautiful with lavenders placed inside and decorated around the soap.


Don’t Forget The Tags


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Add your name to their tags of the event, create a pun or just a simple thank you for coming to your event. You can even personally write on each tag for the person you will be giving the bag to. You can write a small note of how much they mean to you.

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