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The Reason Why Most Brides Wear White Dresses on Their Wedding Day


What is the first colour that pops into your head when you think of a wedding dress? White. The colour white has been recognised in many societies as a symbol of purity and virtue. Most claim that brides wear white because it is ‘tradition’. 

Historically, more than 175 years historically red and other different types of bright colours would be the colour brides chose for an ideal wedding gown. This wasn’t until 1840 on Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert. Victoria popularised the ‘white’ wedding dress when she broke the trend wearing an off-the-shoulder satin gown covered in lace and of course her wedding gown was the colour white. Queen Victoria then broke news headlines as she was reported in newspapers, magazines and became an influence to wedding trends domestically and internationally. Queen Victoria wasn’t the first bride to wear white, Mary Queen of Scots also wore white when she married Dauphin of France in 1558. 

Historians have also commented on how wearing white was also a symbol of status. Back in those days, cleaning a wedding dress was extremely difficult to do. Wealthier brides wore the colour white to show off the fact that they were able to afford a dress that was cleaned.

 "Before bleaching techniques were mastered, white was a rare and expensive color, more a symbol of wealth than purity,” biographer Julia Baird wrote in Victoria: The Queen.


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Today, millions of brides across the world have simply been accustomed wearing white by the influence of media and tradition. With brides adding accessories to their look and finding the pair of shoes to match their dress, the wedding gown remains as the centrepiece. White wedding gowns are simple, clean and can bring light to your special moment. It can highlight you, your beauty and elegance as you start the next chapter of your life.


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