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9 Amusing Ways to ask the Question: "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"

Bridesmaids are some of your best friends and closest family members that you will treasure forever. They are very dear to you and will be the main support system you will have from the bridal shower to when you walk down the aisle. These women will be there for you in thick and thin, even when you having a wedding crisis before your wedding. Asking them to be your bridesmaid is an important moment that will be very special, and a moment they will not want to forget. Doing something fun and creative when asking your family and friends to become bridesmaids, adds excitement for a moment they will not forget. 


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1. POP! - Balloons & Confetti 

 There’s nothing more that screams celebration than balloons and confetti falling in the air. Keep a secret message inside of helium balloons filled with confetti and provide a safety pin to your bridesmaids to be. They will then pop the balloons around them and find the secret message saying ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’. They will be excited and joyous to support you on your big day.


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2. Ask With A Delicious Dessert

Order or bake a cupcake, macaroon or any other dessert you can put writing on. You can bake a cake and use icing to spell out the words ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’. This is a fun way to ask your bridesmaid to be, and they can even eat the scrumptious dessert too!


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3. Puzzles, PUZZLES!

Create a cool and creative puzzle for your bridesmaid. You can make a crossword puzzle, where it will spell out the words or give hints implying that they are going to become a bridesmaid. Use your creativity and even make your own one.

4. Share It Through The Gram

Something different, something online and public for all their friends and family to see. Acknowledge your friendship and propose to your bridesmaid to be on Instagram. This can be through making a live video where you can share the excitement together virtually. Friends and family can react by liking, favouriting and responding with comments to the celebration!


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5. Fill A Gift Box With All Their Favourite Things

Filling a gift box with personal and cute items can be a great way for asking your friend to be your bridesmaid. You can add photos of memories you have shared together with that person and write a personal note to them of how much they mean to you. Fill up the box with small things like their favourite snacks or chocolates and beauty brands. Sometimes it’s best to keep it cute and personal. This is perfect for delivering the question to a person who is overseas, living quite a distance away from you.

6. Say It With A T-shirt

What’s not to love for a good old T-shirt! There are so many different ways of customising a t-shirt to ask the big question. You can simply put, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’, ‘Bridesmaid/Bridesman to be’, make it funny and creative that says something about that person.


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7. Present A Picture Frame

A cute photo frame that shows a picture of you and your bridesmaid with a small caption, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ is another special way of delivering the question. The bridesmaid to be can then place it in their home and be reminded of the big day to come.


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8. Make it Personalised

Giving a simple gift to your bridesmaid, but having it personalised makes it even more special. Candles are a great way of asking the question. Who doesn’t love a beautiful smelling candle? You can even have the question engraved into a mason jar, with their name on the back, so that they can remember the moment when you ask them.


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9. Day Out

If you’re not too sure of finding the right gift, or way of asking, you can just ask them with your words. Organise a day out where you and your bridesmaid to be will enjoy, maybe it is over delicious brunch or having some afternoon tea. Asking them face-to-face is a perfect way of sharing the moment together and seeing them react to what you say.

Your bridesmaids will be there with you each step of the way! Repay your bridesmaids with elegant bridal shoes or even stunning bridal earrings from our wide collection! 

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