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Scrumptious Wedding Food Ideas Every Guest Will Surely Love

Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta

This delicious bruschetta can be served at your reception while your guests are roaming around and haven't yet found their seats. It can be an easy entree or be placed on a grazing board for guests to eat. If you find that not everyone can eat mushrooms, simply make the bruschetta with tomatoes instead!



Mini Burgers


Who doesn't love a burger? These mini burgers are perfect for unique canapes. Every guest will love these burgers, even vegetarians can eat burgers with veggie patties!




Taco Station


Another great dish is tacos. Your guests can choose their filling whether it be pulled pork, minced meat, beans or simply just salad. The possibilities are endless!


Prosciutto wrapped Brie Bites with Rosemary Crusted Walnuts

Small and delicious, full of flavour are these prosciutto bites! With the smooth texture of brie and the crunchiness of walnuts is the perfect combination. Guests will be coming for more. 



Rosemary Lamb Chops

A classic main dish at your reception is rosemary lamb chops. Pair the lamb chops with some peas or lima beans which will complement the rosemary flavour of the lamb.





Have ever been to a chocolate cafe? Churros are the perfect dessert that guests will surely love. Dip the churros in white, milk or dark chocolate. Soon the whole basket will be empty. 




Raspberry Pavlovas

Time for dessert! Pavlovas are always a crowd-pleaser, they are sweet and delicious. Pair the pavlovas with some raspberries to fruity flavour to complement the crunchy sweet creme and base of the pavlova.



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