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Effective high-performance waterproofing spray for all leathers and textiles. Tried and tested on The White Collection products. Shucare creates an innovative protective shield – moisture, oil, and dirt are permanently repelled.

Once the Shucare has been sprayed onto the surface, an impregnating layer enfolds every single fiber of leather textile, thus acting as an invisible shield. Nano Powered Waterproof. High Performance.

Shucare reserves and protects all types of footwear, coats and gloves, and any items made of fabric, leather, suede, and nubuck from water and oil-based stains. Repels the water and permits the leather and fabrics to breathe.

Sold at premium high-end designer stores.

Instructions for Use:

Shake can well and spray the entire article from a distance of 25cm. Let dry. A repeated light spray is most effective. For best results, allow to dry overnight.

Packaging Unit: 200g Ozone friendly aerosol spray. 

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