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Wedding Shoe Traditions We Love From Around The World

At The White Collection, we've had the privilege of meeting so many brides from various cultural backgrounds. As a result, we've learned about weird and wonderful wedding shoe traditions that we thought we should share. Some are quite common, and others will surprise you. If we've missed any, we'd love to hear about them - please comment below! 

English Wedding Shoe Traditions:

“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

This poem is an Old English rhyme that dates back to the Victorian era. The tradition follows as the bride collects 5 objects from her friends and family in order to give her good fortune on the day of her wedding. 

Did you know? - Charlotte Mills achieves this with one pair of shoes. Something Old is the six silver pence in the shoe. Something new are the brand-new pair of shoes. Something blue is found in the in sock of the shoe and the logo of the brand. Something borrowed, where in each shoe box it contains an envelope where the brides can take a picture of their shoes after their wedding and send it back to Charlotte Mills. Lastly, an original silver sixpence is found in each pair of shoes.

In Old English tradition, it is believed that a coin inside the bride’s wedding shoes ensures a prosperous marriage.


Greek Wedding Shoe Traditions:

In Greece, the groom purchases the shoes as a surprise to the bride. The Groom hides money in the shoes and has them delivered to the bride or he brings the shoes to her himself. If he does bring the shoes to the bride, he will put the shoes on her, while the money is still tucked away inside of the shoe. The money that is kept in the shoes symbolises wealth as the bride is 'walking in wealth'.


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Another Greek wedding shoe tradition is writing names on the shoe. The bridesmaids write their names on the sole of the bride’s shoe in order to see who will get married next. The last name that is rubbed off from the shoe is considered to be the next person to get married. However, others perceive that the first name to rub off the shoe will be the next to get married.

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Bridesmaids enjoy this tradition as they are strategic in locating the right place where they will write their name on the shoe. If the bridesmaid wants to get married, she will place her name in an area that gives her the outcome she wants. The bridesmaids also encourage the bride to dance either more or less depending on their eagerness to get married in the future.


Indian Wedding Shoe Traditions:

 The Joota Chupai Ritual, a wedding tradition that involves stealing the Groom’s shoes once he has taken them off as a part of a South Asian custom. Female family relatives are considered the culprits when they loot the shoes and find a secret hiding place for them. Their goal is to achieve monetary gain after the marriage ceremony when the Groom needs to leave the venue and use his shoes.

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The Groom must then search for his shoes and plead the females for his shoes before he leaves the venue. The Groom then negotiates in order to gain his shoes and avoid paying them. After the girls surrender the shoes, the ritual ends. This game is to show acceptance from both sides of the family as they are willing to share a lifetime of fun and laughter together.

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