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Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

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Spread The Love Jam

Everyone loves a good spread of jam! Make some jam or even purchase some online and have ready a personalised tag you can attach to it. This favour is something that can easily be used, practical and a cute little gift your guests can remember. You can choose from strawberry jam, apricot jam or even raspberry jam!


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Rustic Wooden Coasters

Personalise your names on a wooden coaster! This is a great favour for rustic weddings or outdoor weddings. It is a practical gift that guests will surely use, especially those ones who don't want mug stains on their table.  


 Handmade Soap Bars

Fragrant handmade soap are a great and unique wedding favour. Guests will love this favour especially when the soap smells so good! Add an extra cover on the soap with your names for your guests to remember your wedding day. 




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The Perfect Match

Puns can even be used for wedding favours! Matches are still practical gifts that your wedding guests can use. Instead of the normal packaging you get, make it even more special by glamourising the packaging and adding your own spin to it. 



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Succulent Galore

 Succulents are a big hit these days, with people wanting to own succulents to place inside of their homes or at their desk at work. You can never go wrong with a beautiful looking succulent. You can place them in mini terracotta pots or in small plastic pots with burlap around it to add a more rustic feel.  



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Krispe Kreme Donuts

 Dessert Ready!  Krispe Kreme Donuts are always a winner, guests will surely eat these donuts in one bite!



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A thoughtful and flavoursome gift are some mulled spices. This is a very unique gift that is something different and can easily be made at home. Don't forget to add a tag to add personal touch for your wedding favour.



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Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalise your names on wine glasses! This is an elegant gift your guests will love. Stemless wine glasses are easy to package as they don't have the spine of a traditional wedding glass. It is another great practical gift your guests can use to drink out of.  


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Baby Nutella

 Another great spread guests will surely devour! A delicious chocolate hazelnut spread you can have with toast. This favour will definitely be something your guests will take home with them. Instead of the usual Nutella tag at the front, personalise it with your names to make it even more special. 



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Loose Leaf Tea In Cork Bottle

Who doesn't love tea! A unique wedding gift is having some loose leaf tea inside of a cork bottle. This is something different to giving tea in a standard box with tea bags. You can even add a small tag attached to the cork bottle with your names and a little thank you. 






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