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How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes


1. Compliment The Dress 

 The wedding dress will be the centre piece of your look as you walk down the aisle. You must consider the length and cut of your dress to see what type of shoe you might buy. How much of the shoes will be visible? What type of heel height should you consider? These will all be determined by your dress! Also consider the colour of your dress so that you can compliment the whole look with your shoes. 



2. Consider The Wedding Venue

Will the wedding be at an outdoor venue? You have to consider the venue, heels might be a bit hard to walk in on sand. Do you want to dance the night away at the reception? You might want to consider sturdy solid shoes instead of shoes that are delicate and fragile.


3. Match Your Wedding Accessories

Compliment the whole look by considering what type of accessories you will wear on your wedding day! If you are going to wear pearl earrings you might decide to buy some pearl embellished shoes. If you are going to have jewel embellished hair pieces and stunning earrings, you want to do the same for your bridal shoes.


5. Consider Comfort 


As the bride, you will be, walking down the aisle, standing during most of the wedding ceremony, taking photos and dancing the night away at your reception. Your feet would get very sore! Consider leather lined shoes or peep toe shoes to avoid any blisters. Comfort is key to keeping you happy on your big day!


4. Find What’s Right For You!


At the end of the day the final decision is up to you. If you see the pair that you love, then go for it. But you also want to consider your budget and what suits your style. It’s best to try them on even with your wedding dress to see the complete look.


The White Collection provides a range of wedding and bridal shoes that can suit your style. From shoes that can bring all day comfort to showstopper heels. Don’t forget to book an appointment to try them on!



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