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Bridal Accessory Tips

  The White Collection offers an elegant selection of bridal jewellery from some of the best wedding designers in the UK, the US and Australia to give Aussie brides nothing less than exquisitely designed jewellery. Every piece of designer bridal and wedding jewellery in Australia that we have for the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids is made from the finest materials. Here are some of our top tips when bridal accessories for your big wedding day!

1. Compliment The Dress

The dress will set the style for your look on the big wedding day. Your wedding look revolves around the dress. If the dress is simple and classic, you might be more open to choosing any type of accessories. If the dress is more detailed with embellishments, you might want to consider what looks well when choosing the right type of accessories. Having a cohesive look is important for the complete look on your day. Each piece of your wedding day is beautiful in their own way, so take some time to see if all these pieces complement each other.  



2. Hair Accessories 

Bridal Hair comb or clip? Bridal headband or crown? There are so many options available for your wedding day! Hair combs are a popular choice among brides with many different styles that can accent the hairdo. Combs or pins would work best for hairstyles in an up do, on the back or on the side. They can also be worn when your hair is down to one side. If your hair is finer and thinner you might want to steer away from heavy metal piece that might weigh your hair down and not stay in place. A headband or a hair vine would be a perfect match with your hair down. You can even have the perfect chance to wear a crown on your wedding day that may be able to suit a wedding dress with embellishments.



3. Bridal Jewellery

Once you have the perfect dress and hairstyle, you can piece it all together with bridal jewellery. Its best to stay with the same colour metal to match all pieces of your look. You might want to consider looking at rhinestones, pearls or maybe a bit of both! When you are wearing hair accessories including hair vines or headbands, you might want to keep jewellery less and choosing a pair of earrings and a bracelet. If your hair accessories are at the back, you might want to consider having a necklace and earing to accent.


4. Colour Of Your Accessories

 Silver or Gold? – Gold is best with ivory, off-white and champagne dresses. Make sure to maintain the gold look for both hair and bridal jewellery. Gold accessories will look stunning for any hair colour and complexion.



5. Find What’s Right For You!

It’s best to see which bridal accessories enhance your features. When choosing your jewellery, you might want to have a pair of drop earrings that can elongate a round face shape. Try all of them on before the big wedding day and look at all of the pieces of your look and see if everything works well together, shoes, jewellery, dress, and veils so that you are prepared in advance. After all it is your wedding day and it’s important that you decide what’s right for you!





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