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10 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding (including top tips when picking shoes!)

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1. Budget


Your budget determines many factors for your wedding-related decisions. It should be one of the first things you can tackle to know what you’re planning next. Weddings can be vas expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. You will have to find our who is going to be contributing to the wedding. Feel free to talk to any family members who will be contributing to your wedding or have a look at your own finances and see how much you’re willing to spend. Find ways to save and track your spending through creating a spreadsheet. This will allow you to track and account for all your expenses and to prepare for any unexpected costs. Be realistic with your budget, and once you have it, stick to it!


2. Ceremony



Where would you like to have the perfect ceremony? You will have to consider whether you would want to get married in a special venue, a church, registry office or even have a destination wedding. Brainstorm places that would be the perfect location for your wedding. Would you have your wedding in the bustling city? Or would you have it in the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the country? Finding the perfect venue is difficult. Aim to visit your venue at least three times. First to have an initial viewing of the place, followed by reviewing the design, layout, menu and supplier meetings. Lastly the final visit can be a simple walk through of your planned wedding day, which can take a few days before the big wedding day.


3. Wedding Entourage


Who will be your Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Ushers? Will there be many or will there be a few? Consider the responsibilities of the Maid of Honour and Best Man. These people will be very important for the whole process of your wedding, supporting you each step of the way. These two will be entrusted with responsibilities in assisting you and by tradition, being in charge of the Hens and Bucks night out. Don’t forget to ask them as soon as you can to be a part of your special wedding day. Especially if you have a destination wedding, it would be great to let them know early.


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4. Guest List

Who will you want to be with you on your special wedding day? Be realistic about the number of guests to avoid stress later on. Your budget and venue will determine the decision to how many guests will be at your wedding. Consider a list of people such as family, friends, work colleagues, and then their plus ones. It would be a great idea to talk to both sides of the family about the guest lists so that there are no surprises. Make sure your invites are sent out early so that people can RSVP and you can approximate the number of people who can and cannot attend.


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5. Save The Date


When will you set the date of your wedding? It’s best to get those save the date cards out early! Then you can follow up with the official invite once all the details are confirmed approximately 3 to 4 months before your wedding. Choosing the perfect invite can be hard. Use Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration for invitations. You may want to follow a specific colour or theme that will match the whole experience of the wedding. Include all details such as the events that are scheduled on your wedding day, dress codes, location and time.

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6. Dress

Finding your dream dress can be very stressful. It might be the most expensive garment many women will have ever owned. Your wedding dress will have to suit the tone for the wedding. Will the wedding be casual, on the beach or formal in a church?  With the venue of the wedding in mind, you will have to dress appropriately. Consider factors such as the weight of the dress, the fabric, your comfort. You can also consider having another dress in the evening for the reception that can be more danceable!



7. Heel Height

After you have chosen the perfect wedding gown, you will have to consider the shoes that you will wear and the right height that will complement your dress. Have enough time to find a dress maker that will cut the gown to the height of the dress. Otherwise the dress will drag or be too high.


8. Consider Comfort

When you’re the night away, your feet need the extra support! Leather lined shoes bring great comfort as they mould to your feet. Shoes with a platform give you something soft to step on all day.  

9. Colour

There are hundreds of shades of white! White is never white. Getting the right colour shoes is important to match your wedding gown. Or do you want to match the underlay of your skintone? If so, consider going natural! 


10. Break Into The Shoe

Don't think about wearing them for the first time on the big day. You will be sore! Break into the shoes by wearing them around the home and with socks! This will will give your feet the extra support it needs on your big wedding day. 


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