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Religious Jewellery 

The White Collection has all the wedding accessories a bride needs to look and feel her best. We also offer stunning religious jewellery. When it’s her special day, we understand that every detail must be considered and taken care of from head to toe. We’ve included a beautiful range of bridal accessories and bridal jewellery for you to choose from and match your religious jewellery with, to make it easy for you to find the perfect accessories online wherever you are in Australia. 

On your wedding day, whether or not you are wearing a veil, your hair is an important consideration. Our bridal hair combs look simply stunning in a bride’s hair and also help to keep your hair in place. Select a wedding crown or headband to ensure you shine on your big day. Whether your preference is simple and understated, or glamorous and regal, we’ve got hair accessories you will fall in love with and want to treasure forever. These pieces can be matched with our collection of Swarovski Rosaries and Religious Crowns. 

Styling Your Religious Jewellery 

Bridal jewellery will mean a lot to you, as it serves to complement your gown, hair and makeup. It’s a way to add the finishing touches to your ensemble, and bridal jewellery will ensure that you look beautiful from morning to night. It can also hold sentimental value for a bride if it is given to her as a good luck charm, a token of love, or a special gift. Our collection of religious bridal jewellery does just this. 

Choose a pair of earrings to adorn your ears and a necklace to match, and then shop for a bracelet to complete the look. Eyes are drawn to the bride’s hand on her wedding day as guests admire her wedding ring, so she will want to make sure that she wears a gorgeous bracelet that looks just right on her wrist. 

When you shop with The White Collection, you can rest assured that your entire ensemble will look exactly the way you dreamed it would, from your wedding shoes to your headband to your earrings and clutch bag. Choose from our range of bridal clutches to find the one that matches your theme. We’re confident we’ve got a clutch you will love, whether you’re looking for classy and sophisticated or something cute and compact. 

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