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Your How-To Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bridal Veil

Aveil is the ultimate bridal accessory that adds a traditional and elegant touch to any wedding look. At The White Collection, we offer a variety of veils that can be paired beautifully with your wedding dress. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of selecting and pairing veils from our collection to create a truly beautiful bridal look. 

1. Considering the Style of Your Wedding Dress

Before choosing a veil, it's essential to consider the style and details of your wedding dress. The goal is to find a veil that complements and enhances the overall aesthetic. Here are a few popular veil styles from The White Collection and suggestions on how to pair them:

Josie Lace Tulle Veil: This delicate lace and tulle veil is perfect for adding a touch of romance to a classic or vintage-inspired wedding dress. It pairs beautifully with lace, beaded, or illusion neckline gowns, enhancing their intricate details and creating a seamless look.

Jumana Tulle Pearl Veil: If your wedding dress features pearl or crystal embellishments, this veil is a wonderful choice. The subtle pearl accents on the veil complement and amplify the sparkle of your dress, adding an extra layer of elegance to your overall bridal look.


2. Choose the Length of Your Veil

The length of your veil plays a crucial role in creating a balanced and harmonious bridal look. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right length for your veil:

Florence Italian Tulle Raw Edge Veil: This simple yet sophisticated raw edge veil is available in  chapel and cathedral length. For a sleek gown with a mininimal or no train the chapel length with effortlessly complete your look. For a gown with more volume and longer train, go for the cathedral length which will follow you down the aisle with elegance. 

Grande Short Tulle Bow Veil: For a playful and fashion forward look, the short tulle bow veil is an a stunning choice. This veil style is perfect for a modern bride who invisions a fun and relaxed wedding celebration.


3. Focus on the Details

When selecting a veil, pay attention to the finer details that can tie your entire bridal look together. Consider elements such as the edge finish, embellishments, and fabric to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look.

If your dress features a raw edge or clean lines, the Josie Lace Tulle Veil or Jumana Tulle Pearl Veil can create a stunning contrast and add a soft, romantic touch.

The Florence Italian Tulle Raw Edge Veil is perfect for brides seeking a clean and minimalistic look. Its raw edge complements contemporary wedding dresses with sleek sihouettes.

The Grande Short Tulle Bow Veil is an excellent choice for brides looking to make a fashion statement. The playful bow detail adds a touch of personality and uniqueness to your overall look.


4. Blusher or no blusher?

Another detail to consider is whether you would like to have a blusher. A  blusher is a short, delicate layer of fabric on a veil that is worn over the face during the early moments of a wedding ceremony and lifted back before vows are exchanged.

A blusher adds an element of mystery and tradition as it's lifted to reveal your face during the ceremony, but it's not a necessary accessory. Consider your overall bridal look, the significance you place on tradition, and how comfortable you feel wearing a blusher when deciding whether to incorporate it into your wedding look.

The Florence Italian Tulle Raw Edge Veil, Lulu Soft Tulle Pearl Veil and Juliette Pearl Veil all have a blusher option to choose if you desire.

Pairing a veil with your wedding dress elevates your bridal look and allows the modern bride to add a traditional detail to her wedidng day. By considering the style, length, and details of your wedding dress, you can find the perfect veil to complete your dream bridal look. Let your veil enhance your beauty and make you feel like the radiant bride you've always envisioned.



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