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Top Factors to Consider When Planning the Perfect Wedding in 2019 and Beyond

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1. Budget

Your budget will determine most of your decisions in terms of finding the right venue, guests, catering, dress and so forth. If you’re financing the wedding yourself, set time aside to look at your own finances. Check if any family members will be contributing to the wedding and see how much they are comfortable spending.



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2. Date

When will you set the date for your wedding? It’s best to get those save the date cards out early! The date can predict the weather of your wedding day if it is in summer or in Winter. This will determine the type of dress or food you will have on the day. Also, if you are having a destination wedding, the date can also set the prices for flights and the accommodation for your wedding.


3. Wedding Dress

Find your dream wedding dress for your big day! The wedding dress is the centrepiece for your whole look while you walk down the aisle. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in, suits your style whether it be a dress that is really simple, vintage or more elegant. The weather and location of the venue will also determine the type of dress you will wear on the day. You don’t want overheat under a thick satin dress on a Summer’s day. Your wedding dress will also be a key factor in choosing your wedding hair accessories, earrings and even your bridal shoes to make sure that everything complements each other. Read about of how to choose the right accessories here in our blog posts.


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4. Venue 

Where would you like to have the perfect ceremony? You will have to consider whether you would want to get married in a special venue, a church, registry office or even have a destination wedding. Brainstorm places that would be the perfect location for your wedding. Would you have your wedding in the bustling city? Or would you have it in the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the country? Finding the perfect venue is difficult. Aim to visit your venue at least three times. First to have an initial viewing of the place, followed by reviewing the design, layout, menu and supplier meetings. Lastly, the final visit can be a simple walk-through of your planned wedding day, which can take a few days before the big wedding day.


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5. Guests

 Who will you want to be with you on your special wedding day? Be realistic about the number of guests to avoid stress later on. Your budget and venue will determine the decision for how many guests will be at your wedding. Consider a list of people such as family, friends, work colleagues, and then their plus ones. It would be a great idea to talk to both sides of the family about the guest lists so that there are no surprises. Make sure your invites are sent out early so that people can RSVP and you can approximate the number of people who can and cannot attend.



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6. Scrumptious Food

Everyone gets a bit hungry after the wedding ceremony or before the reception. Keep your guests happy by providing food that they will enjoy. Make sure you account for all the dietary requirements of guests so that they are able to eat at your reception and not miss out on any food. Food that guests will surely love is bruschetta’s, burgers, rosemary lamb chops and mini pavlovas. Read more about the most scrumptious food here in our blog posts.


7. Processional Wedding Songs 

What will you play when you walk down the aisle? Are you looking for something slow to add extra emphasis and emotion on your walk down the aisle? Or are you looking for something upbeat that brings joy and excitement when you walk? Find out more about popular song choices when walking down the aisle, and what type of shoes and accessories can complement the song here in our blog posts.


8. Bridal Shoes 

After picking out your wedding dress, bridal shoes can be the finishing touch to your whole look on the wedding day. Shoes should match your other accessories, such as pearl shoes with pearl earrings, or embellished jewel shoes with Swarovski earrings. Make sure you find something comfortable to wear in as you will be walking around, standing for photos and dancing, so it is important that your feet are happy!


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9. Bridal Party 

Who will be your Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Ushers?  Consider the responsibilities of the Maid of Honour and Best Man. These people will be very important for the whole process of your wedding, supporting you each step of the way. These two will be entrusted with responsibilities in assisting you and by tradition, being in charge of the Hens and Bucks night out. Find some interesting ways to ask good friends to be your bridesmaids. Read about it here in our blog posts.


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10. Time For Yourself

In your last month of planning for your wedding, make sure you have the final details for the big day. Make sure you have confirmed all the details with your vendors, have picked your processional song and have made sure you have a caterer. Most importantly, don’t forget time for yourself over the stressful months of planning and constantly thinking about the wedding day, have time for yourself and spend time with loved ones. 

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