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The Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas of 2019


Waves are a classic look that has been continuing to stay on the hair trend. Soft waves were huge back in 2018 and continue to remain in the wedding look of 2019. The waves provide an effortless look adding to the beauty, softness and romance seen in wedding photographs.

There can be many types of variations on how to style the waves. They may be textured and voluminous, can be parted on one side, tucked behind the ears or parted on both sides. These can depend on your preference and whatever suits you best.

You can also add hair accessories to give this simple hairstyle the final dimension to the look. Headbands or statement earrings can be the finishing touch for your big wedding day. In this photo our very own Delma crystal rosegold headband is worn.



Chignons are a type of hairstyle achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the bottom of the back of your head. There are many different vaiations and styles that are put into this look for any length of hair. The way the hair is tucked creates a stunning and classic look. To accessorise, you can wear a pair of drop earrings to add an extra dimension. 

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An elegant updo involves the hair being swept up and secured on top or at the back of the head. A simple yet popular choice of hairstyle among brides. It is a hairstyle that any bride can wear with any length of hair. The hair is twirled or bradied to create a gorgeous feminine look. An updo can be accessorised by hair vines, hair combs, hair pins and complimented by stunning earrings.

In this picture we hace our very own Dakota rose gold hair made using sparkling marquise crystals and ivory pearls adored with textured rose gold leaves.


A beautiful braid on the back, half up and then with thin soft waves on the back adds the extra detail if you were looking for something more boho. To accessorise this look, a hair vine is perfect with braiding your hair. Hair pins and hair combs also add an essense of femininity to suit this stunning look.

Our very own Amelia hair comb is worn in this photo below. It is an enchanting design, adorned with fresh water pearls and sparkling crystals.



Everyone admires the beauty and detail with braided hairstyles. In 2019, the twisted and textured look braided hairstyle gives off a stunning boho look. Dutch braids wrapped around the head look goergous, with the hair braided coming off to one side. A braided hairstyle can also be wrapped around the back of the head into a bun, accessoried with pins. 

In this look we have our own elegant and simple Viola bridal hair vine complimenting the braided hairstyle. 

In this look we have our own Hair Pin Trio - FW Pearls & Crystals braided into this b delicate textured hairstyle.





A popular wedding hairstyle of 2019, are soft curls braided with hair vines. This effortless look is gorgeous and mesmirising. The hair vine compliments this hairstyle perfectly, adding an extra dimension and intricate detail to this hairstyle.

In this look we have our own Valentina romantic and enchanting hair vine hand crafted using Fresh Water Pearls and Swarovski Bicone Crystals.



Ponytails can range from being textured with volumne and soft waves to a classic and chic straight pony tail. This is a popular hair style with either placed high or low to suit your preference. A ponytail keeps hair off your face and elongates your siloutte to suit a range of wedding gowns. Add a little detail to your ponytail by adding some hair pins or a headpiece.

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A low bun is a timeless wedding look that is effortless and easy to wear for the entire wedding day. It can suit any length of hair, it can be braided and twised to form a bun at the base of your head. 

In this look we have our own Amelia silver hair comb placed on top of the low bun, accentuating the classic and feminine look of the bride. 



If you're going for more a chic and simple look. A ballerina bun is perfect for a simple and classic wedding. This simple hairstyle can be accessorised with many different types of headpieces, including detailed crystal headbands to even a perfect princess crown. 

In this look we have our own Eliza headband. It is a double layered crystal flat crown, totally encrusted in tiny crystals.  The floral design and modern edge create a unique and royal style.





If you wanted to go for something different, more boho and unique. Try a tousled textured fishtail braid giving a freeing and gorgeous look. Fishtail braids can also compliment a half up half down hairstyle, or can can be braided entirely, coming down to one side. 

In this look we have our own Delma crystal hairband wrapped around the head adding an extra piece to the look, while holiding the braid into place. 



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