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Save Our Soles

Our simple tips and tricks to save your feet and shoes throughout The Big Day!


First and foremost, it’s important to find a pair of shoes that not only look great but are comfortable and fit you well! There are a few particular styles which are more comfortable and suited for Weddings and all-day wear.

Straps: The easier it is for you to slip out of your heels, the harder it is to walk in them. The last thing you want to be worried about during your wedding day is the possibility of your shoe slipping off. This is where shoe straps provide a true feeling of stability and add extra support!  Whether it be an ankle strap or a strap that goes around the front of the foot, it is an ideal feature for all wedding shoes to provide support and help your foot fit snuggly in the shoe.

Platform: For those girls who want both comfort and height from their wedding shoes, platform heels are a must as they offer the height and comfort factor! Platform heels reduce the distance that your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet, reducing the overall heel height and discomfort. With platform heels, you feel as though you’re walking on a lower heel and less of an incline, maximising hours of comfort.

Leather: Any wedding shoe that mentions leather in the lining or sole is a big tick! Leather breathes, allowing air to be passed through the material to keep your feet cool while preventing smelly and sweaty feet. Leather shoes are extremely comfortable as the material is soft and will mould to the shape of your feet, rather than synthetic shoes that are harder and will not adjust or accommodate to your size or shape. Leather is a strong natural material and when used in shoes it provides not only durability, but water resistance (great for outdoor & winter weddings), extra comfort and are easy to clean after the big day!


You don’t want to give yourself blisters or experience pain during the early hours of your wedding, so breaking in your shoes is a MUST!  We recommend breaking in your wedding shoes in 30-minute increments the week before you wedding to maximise comfort. If your shoes are a little tight, you should try wearing thick socks whilst wearing your heels to increase expansion. Wearing the shoes around your home is a quick and easy solution to prevent blisters and painful rubbing.


For the wedding photos or an outdoor ceremony, heel stoppers are the perfect way to stop your heels sinking into mud or grass and keep the heel itself looking clean and brand new! Heel stoppers do not cause any damage to the heel and create a sturdy and almost invisible heel guard to prevent sinking and mud or grass stains on the heel. Heel stoppers are re-usable and fit almost all heel sizes, so you never have to worry about your heels sinking in the grass at any future events or occasions!


Waterproofing your wedding shoes is key to protecting the delicate material and keep them looking clean. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of new shoes (especially wedding shoes) to soon find them ruined by a puddle or the rain! Waterproofing your wedding shoes provides a sense of ease that they will not only stay clean but will also increase the longevity of the shoes for future uses.


Touching again on the comfort factor, finding insoles or shoes that have extra sole cushioning are a great way to increase comfort for all day comfort and should be considered for all brides to be! Investing in a pair of insoles or inserts for your wedding shoes is a practical yet affordable option to reduce foot stress or pain throughout the day. Inserts come in various sizes and types; gel or full Charlotte Mills all provide a leather lined and cushioned sole for maximum comfort. If comfort is what you are after, be sure to have a look at these brands!




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