Jakii - Laine


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  • Jakii - Laine - Wedding Shoes Sydney
  • Jakii - Laine - Wedding Shoes Sydney
  • Jakii - Laine - Wedding Shoes Sydney

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Jakii's Yves Klein blue silk satin wedge epitomises elegance and yet retains the comfort of a supportive wedge heel. The beautiful satin radiates with natural fibers and the gorgeous crystal embellished gold buckle adds to its overall appeal. Ideal for summery occasions or events held on sand or lawn.

Each shoe is expertly designed with Jakii’s special latex cushioning, full leather outsole with jakii signature pattern, padded lining and a generous toe box area for extra movement and stability around the toes. Each shoe features a striking blue Swarovski crystal on the leather outsole. All placed on a very comfortable and wearable wedge heel.

True to size. Narrow, Normal & Wide Fits

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